Earn Your Stripes

The Earn Your Stripes Scholarship is an annual grant of a $270 minimum based off of GPAs for all the Kappa Phi Gamma Chapters and Colonies. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage Active Sisters to emphasize academic excellence and continue working towards achieving high GPAs. The National Board votes on the winners and those who would receive the award. The three awards would be given for the highest overall grade point average, the Chapter/Colony with the most improved GPA, and Chapter/Colony with the highest GPA average.

The Earn Your Stripes Scholarship Program is to be funded through alumnae donations and support. Alumnae can make donations to achieve different donation levels:

Rose: $5-$49: donor signature, certificate of appreciation

Emerald: $50-$99: donor signature, certificate of appreciation, paraphernalia

Royal: $100+: donor signature,certificate of appreciation, paraphernalia, discount to conference

You can click below to donate. We thank you for your generosity and support!