9Kappa Phi Gamma Sororities render service to the community and respective campuses. Since her inception in November 1998, the Sisterhood has participated in a variety of service projects. However, the sisterhood has dedicated itself to its national philanthropy, cancer awareness. The founders discovered, that in one way or another, almost all of them had been affected by cancer. They realized that cancer does not discriminate by race, sex, or class; it can affect anyone. For those reasons, the founders chose to devote our philanthropy for cancer awareness.

Every Spring, Kappa Phi Gamma around the nation plans Cancer Awareness: a Real Effort! (C.A.R.E.) Week, a week long series of events dedicated to raising funds for a cancer organization and to bring awareness to the community about the truths of cancer. To date, Kappa Phi Gamma has raised $98,000+ and has donated their services to over 40 different charities. C.A.R.E. Week has been recognized by the Asian Cup Award for being the only organization of its kind to commit a week of events towards cancer awareness, while incorporating educational and entertaining activities in order to educate the public about early detection and prevention of cancer.

Events held during C.A.R.E. Week include, but are not limited to: Kick-Off Rally, Candlelight Vigil, cancer workshops/forums, Mr. C.A.R.E. Week Pageant, sports tournaments, bake sales, and movie viewings.

All proceeds raised during C.A.R.E. Week are donated to an array of organizations that are committed to cancer awareness, including, but not limited to, the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation, Bite Me Cancer, the Scott and White Center for Cancer Prevention and Care-Hope Fund, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

For the 2016 C.A.R.E. Week, our chapters/colonies raised $6,774.40 for Bringing Hope Home, a non-profit organization that provides unexpected amazingness to local families through financial and emotional support. Bringing Hope Home directly pays household bills to ensure families are able to stay in their homes, with a secure roof over their heads, utilities on, phones working, and food on the table while they are dealing with cancer. Since their inception in 2008, they have supported over 2,700 local families with over $3.3 million dollars in assistance.