Glossary of Greek Life Terms

Active: a fully initiated member in the sorority.

Bid: an invitation to join a sorority.

Chapter/Colony: refers to an individual sorority.

Fraternity: a Greek organization for men.

Greek: a member of a fraternity or sorority.

Greek Council: the coordinating body of fraternities and sororities.

Initiation/Crossover: the traditional ritual that brings a new member to full membership.

Legacy: a perspective of a fraternity/sorority who is a son/daughter, brother/sister, or grandson/granddaughter of a member of a Greek organization.

New Member: a non-initiated member that participates in the new member program of the sorority.

Potential New Member/Rush: a person interested in being a member of a chapter/colony.

Recruitment/Rushing: the activity by which chapters/colonies seek new members.

Sister/Soror: a term used by sorority members when referring to each other.

Sorority: a Greek organization for women.