We understand parents’ concerns when it comes to your daughter joining a sorority and appreciate you supporting your daughter’s decision to become a member. Whether it be questions about grades, time commitment, or risk management, we can provide an answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Kappa Phi Gamma cultivates its members with opportunities in leadership, scholarship, service, and lifelong friendship. Our Sorority will provide a unique experience for your daughter to empower her in college and in the professional world. Your daughter will be exposed to many cultures and will interact with organizations within and outside of the Greek community. Additionally, Sisters will help your daughter when it comes to achieving academic excellence, time management, and providing a home away from home. Parents play a great role in raising their daughters to be the strong women they are today. Your support means the most to her while going through this journey!


Once your daughter graduates, she will be a part of an unbreakable sisterhood and will continue to receive support as an alumna through the Sorority’s alumnae activities and networking programs. Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. is committed to helping our members through every stage of their life!