19th Anniversary – Founder Spotlight

Mitzi Chollampel recipient of Dallas Business Journal's Women in Business award 2017

In honor of the Sisterhood’s 19th anniversary, November’s spotlight features one of our amazing Founders:  #16 herself, Mitzi Chamakala Chollampel. She was recently selected as the 2017 Dallas Business Journal’s Women in Business Award. Congratulations on your amazing achievements and thank you for helping pave the way for all of us who came after you.

What are you doing today and how did joining Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. prepare you for this?

I currently lead all international marketing and PR efforts for DFW International Airport. KPhiG prepared me for this role by teaching me how to work collaboratively with a diverse group of people to achieve a goal. Being a Founder, then VP-Internal and finally co-leading the National Board gave me skills that I use almost daily both professionally and in my civic involvement in the Dallas area.

What were your biggest challenges and struggles?

Challenges & struggles – I am constantly proving myself in a room often filled with older men. 😉

What is your favorite part of your position/career/field?

I truly like what I do and the impact it has on passengers, airlines and businesses. I love learning about different cultures and truly identifying what is most relevant to each type of audience that we are trying to get our message out to.

What is your work/life balance?

At any given time something gets about 85% – whether I’m at work or home, I try to monitor the other for big things. To me work/life balance is just a constant see-saw and I’m okay with that for now. I also rely on a lot of support and have a great network both at home to raise my three young kids and at work.

What do you perceive are the benefits of joining Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc.?

It teaches you the impact of taking initiative on different projects and the impact of a group working together towards a goal.

What advice do you have for women that are attempting to follow your career path?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. Your network is bigger than you think. Also don’t judge a role by a “job description” – every job can be what you make of it.

Why did you choose to start (Business/Company)?

I didn’t start this company but really just fell into working in Marketing at DFW International Airport. I took a chance and turned it into (mainly) what I like to do.

How do you measure your success?

If I look forward to at least 1 thing during the day – that’s a successful day for me!

Check out the video interview on the Dallas Business Journal website below:

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