AFLV Central Conference

Last weekend, two of our Sorors from Theta Chapter, Kinjal Thakkar and Herleen Mokha, attended the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Central Conference in Indianapolis. The AFLV Central Conference, comprised of the Central Fraternal Leadership Conference and the National Black Greek Leadership Conference, garners over 2,800 participants, making it the largest gathering of undergraduate fraternity and sorority leaders from councils and chapters in the United States. The AFLV Central Conference featured joint workshops, presentations, and a curriculum addressing issues facing the fraternal communities of the councils. National organizations and students addressed issues such as risk management, intake, intra-council relationships, and liability issues.

It was Herleen Mokha’s second year in a row representing Kappa Phi Gamma, Theta Chapter, and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Multicultural Greek Council. “I had an amazing time meeting Greeks from all walks of life and learning about their experiences. I learned to see beyond the scope of my chapter and was reminded that everything my chapter does should be oriented towards not only advancing our own members, but enhancing the lives of Greeks on each and every campus across the nation.”  Kinjal Thakkar also had a great time at the conference. “I learned a lot about recruitment strategies, ways to better process, and how to keep rushes interested. The speakers at the conference were so motivational and inspiring, making me want to improve how we’ve been doing things in order to have a more effective rush week and process.”