Alumnae Spotlight! Brown Girl Magazine Feature: 7 Tips for Becoming a Confident, Professional Brown Girl

This Alumnae Spotlight is a #flashbackfriday to Brown Girl Magazine‘s article “7 Tips for Becoming a Confident, Professional Brown Girl” featuring tips from two amazing Kappa Phi Gamma Alumnae, Neha Aziz and Doa Jafri of Founding Chapter! Keep reading to see what advice they had to share:


Neha Aziz, 25, lives in Austin, Texas and works as an editorial intern, screens blogger and contributor for the Austin Chronicle.

“As a writer, it takes time to get into a good rhythm and to constantly put out work that is well-written and thoughtful and tightly focused. There is work that I’ve done that hasn’t been that great, but you have to take any criticism or advice and throw it into your next piece and make it better. I would tell younger girls that as scary as it is, you have to put yourself out there. Whatever internship or job you have acquired, you got it for a reason, so own it. Have goals for yourself, and do whatever in your power to get closer to achieving them every day. Don’t be afraid to have a voice.”



Doa Jafri, 25, is a fashion model and web developer living in New York City.

“We are told from a young age that women are emotional, and we feel like we need to ignore how we feel and focus on what we do in order to get ahead. It’s just the opposite – we have to confront how we feel inside, and we will naturally perform better. ‘Fake it till you make it’ does not work when you’re modeling at a New York level. The camera smells fear and there is nothing else. I thought I was leaving it all behind when I got into coding, but I realized that all careers are demanding when it comes to confidence. Once you realize we’re all in the same boat, you can learn to laugh at that silly baseless feeling of self-doubt that creeps up every once in a while.”



For more tips, and for the full article, visit 7 Tips for Becoming a Confident, Professional Brown Girl by Syeda Hasan for Brown Girl Magazine.