Alumnae Spotlight! The Hive: Womanhood in the Workplace

“Female entrepreneurship is growing so rapidly,so why not have a place that just caters to women?”

Melissa Alam, founder and editor-in-chief of Femme & Fortune, a strategic brand developer, Temple University alumna, and a member of the Iota colony of Kappa Phi Gamma, has taken initiative and has become the founder of Philadelphia’s first co-working space for women called The Hive. The co-working space is perfect for those starting their own business or working remotely for a company. It provides women of all ages and backgrounds a creative space to grow, mentor, collaborate, and empower. When asked what the difference was between an all-female co-wroking space and one that’s co-ed, she responded with,“I think there’s maybe less intimidation, in a way. A lot of these co-working spaces around the country are mostly co-ed. A dedicated female workspace provides more attention to these female entrepreneurs from each other. It’s a new market that hasn’t been touched, especially in Philadelphia.” Alam said she sees herself opening up locations around the country and also has plans to create a lifestyle brand for ambitious women. The Hive has been featured in Technically Philly, CBS Philly,, The Temple News, Brown Girl Magazine, NBC Philadelphia and many more. Melissa Alam has been an inspiration to us all and we cannot wait to see what else she has in store! For more information, check out her website and like her page on facebook!