Alumnae Spotlight! Desi Chaat: Integrating South Asian Culture into a Board Game

Priya Shah, Founder & CEO of Culturally Inclined Productions, Rutgers University alumna, and a charter of the Omicron colony of Kappa Phi Gamma, created a board game called Desi Chaat. In this game, one player attempts to describe a word that is written on a card to their teammates without using any restricted words also listed on the card. All 1,000 words on the cards relate to South Asian culture, making it a great experience for those of South Asian descent whose first language was not English and for those who want to learn more about South Asian culture. Desi Chaat has been featured in The Daily Targum, Brown Girl Magazine, The American Bazaar, The Society, Indian Moms Connect, and the Big Ten Network. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication that Priya Shah has put in to pursue and achieve her goals! For more information on Desi Chaat, like/follow Culturally Inclined Productions on facebook and twitter!